Posted: Nov 6, 2021

Head Cheese Monger

Capella Cheese - Atlanta, GA
Salary: $24.00 - $29.00 Hourly
Application Deadline: Nov 20, 2021
Food & Hospitality

Head Cheese Monger
Seeking an enthusiastic and experienced cheesemonger. This role will lead our cheese program, which is the core of who we are. Interpersonal and sales skills are a must. Must be team-oriented, willing to train others, comfortable in a physically demanding and fast-paced environment, and have strong analytical and computer skills. Must have ability to manage inventory and labor cost control. This role is expected to work on their feet through their entire shift, and occasionally need to lift heavy objects. Other desirable qualities include experience in food and wine sales or other hospitality.

On the job, you will sell cheese cut to order. You will greet customers and educate them on our cheeses and pairings. Every aspect of our business is focused around cheesemongers. Our whole business is resting on how well the cheesemongers do their job. You will be an ambassador for our company and therefore professionalism and courtesy are essential to your success, as is the ability to manage multiple responsibilities every day.

About Our Company
Capella Cheese is a new brick-and-mortar cheese shop coming to midtown Atlanta and online later this year. But we are more than just a cheese shop. We are Cheese People. We have created an ideal place where we offer superior cheeses from around the world. In our shop, cheese will be kept with extraordinary care, handled by passionate cheesemongers, and sold with enthusiasm. We exist to serve all the cheese needs of Atlanta, the surrounding region, and the nation at large.
Our brand new and only location is at 255 Ottley Drive Atlanta, GA 30324.

Job Description

Lead the Cheese program

Manage the cheese counter and all "cheese-touching" employees
- Primary in house trainer for cheese staff
- Ability to train people on engaging customer service
- Oversees quality level for receiving product
- Direct Cheese Team success to achieve measurable goals

Support the success of your coworkers in your department

Inventory management
- Ordering, setting the case, judging back stock, oversee the health of cheese
- Managing the grab-and-go, production team for direct to consumer, Chef sales
- Manage collateral items and supplies
- Identify aesthetic and inventory needs quickly

Build customer relationships

Insure all e-commerce orders ship on time

Involved in company leadership

Involved in purchasing decisions

Coordinate with Marketing Specialist

Sanitation manager

All Capella Cheese Coworkers will:

  • Be respectful
  • Be team focused, flexible, and helpful
  • Embody our fundamentals of hospitality and customer service
  • Always conduct yourself in a responsible manner with customers, coworkers, and stakeholders
  • Maintain a uniform professionally
  • Be customer service oriented
  • Follow policies and procedures
  • Be prepared in a physically demanding fast-paced work environment
  • Show initiative
  • Always be learning
  • Be trained in more than one position
  • Follow strict hygiene and sanitation requirements
  • Have the ability to multitask
  • Have fun because this is a fun place to work!